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The thing about us you see, we aren’t just going to buy cheap activewear from a Chinese manufacturer’s catalogue or Alibaba, whack ourlogo on it, mark it up 4x and call it a day… well I mean, we almost did exactly that to be honest, until we got the samples and every single one was pure sh#t or identical to what everyone else was dropping month by month.

Oh and when I say us I mean Chloe (the skin wizard) and Connor (IYKYK), we are the founders of SUAVE and have decided to set out on a mission to bring quality, confidence and honesty to the activewear game.

The idea of SUAVE was born out of disappointment, the disappointment which would occur every time you order a new package and you come to find the size bra you purchased isn’t the same as last time, the booty scrunch doesn’t look like the photos, the material feels like 300 grit sandpaper, when you reach for the lat pulldown bar the “oversize” Tee shows of your snail trail or pulling your leggings out of their first wash only to see the logo letters had fallen off. I mean we have all been there…

With Chloe being in the wellness space and Connor preaching positive mental health on all his platforms we wanted to develop a brand that radiates confidence, a brand that when you pull it out of the packaging you smile… not cry, When you try it on for the first time your first thoughts are “f#ck yeah, my gym crush is totally asking for my number this time” and when you wear
it to the gym you just have a cracker f#ckin session because you know how the saying goes… “look good, feel good”.

We will in advance apologise for any packages sent with a lovely ball of fur from Beau’s coat, but just know he shares it with love and keeps us company whilst we pack your orders out of our two bedroom apartment.

Now we obviously want your money, we are a business at the end of the day but at least  when you purchase SUAVE you know you’re supporting a young couple who’s only intention is to create hot fits, provide the daily active king or queen with quality and make you feel F#CKING confident.